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2007-Jul-24 - Coke head Lindsay Lohan arrested again

Lindsay Lohan mugshotLindsay Lohan was arrested on charges of drunken driving and possession of a controlled substance this morning. Police got a call at 1:34 a.m PT tuesday july24th. that a vehicle was chasing another vehicle in a parking lot in Santa Monica. When officers arrived, they found Lindsay Lohan driving the vehicle that was chasing the other. The officers smelled alcohol and administered a field sobriety test, which Lindsay Lohan failed. When taken to the police station, the 21-year-oldLindsay Lohan nipple slip actress registered 0.12 and 0.13 in blood tests for alcohol levels. Officers also found a white powdery substance in Lindsay Lohan's possession which was determined to be cocaine.
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Lindsay Lohan stripping

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2007-Feb-21 - Heather Graham nude

Heather Graham stars in a romantic comedy called Grey Matters out this weekend with lots of lesbian action so i dug into my celebrity library and found old pics of Heather Graham nude
Heather Graham nude
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2007-Feb-9 - Anna Nicole Smith dead at age 39

Anna Nicole SmithSHOCKING ...... i first heard about Anna Nicole Smiths death while watching SHARK tonight. it was about a fictional girl in hollywood that got ran off the road in the hollywood hills crashing to her death and somewhat reminded me of Paris Hilton. The Paparazzi was investigated for her death and i thought to myself what if this really happened if Paris Hilton was driving with Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and wrong way Nicole Richie and they all died in a car crash it would be tragic. just then a news commercial came on and said "more of Anna Nicoles death at 11" i screemed out nooooooooooo.... noooooooooo it cant be.....







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2006-Dec-13 - Beyonce's wardrobe malfunction

Beyonce Knowles at LA premiere of Dreamgirls stepped on her see thru dress almost showing nipple
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2006-Dec-12 - Mariah Carey goes commando on Mary Carey

OOPS... Mariah Carey caught with no panties on!!! If Britney Spears and Paris Hilton can go out partying with no panties on then so can Mariah Carey. Yesturday Singer Mariah Carey has just filed against porn star Mary Carey due to the fact that they have similar names. Mariah believes that the fans could get confused between the two women since the names are so alike.
Mariah CareyMary Carey
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2006-Dec-12 - Nicole Richie flashing

Nicole Richie Mugshot after taking vicodins and smoking pot and drinking alcoholNicole Richie seen flashing lights last night while she got arrested for DUI. Nicole Richie was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs after her car was reported headed the wrong direction on the highway while talking on her cellphone. She was bailed out by her old friend Paris Hilton who will be going to court next month for her DUI
Nicole Richie flashing tits and nipple rings
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Watch our hilarious Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie video clip working as sheriff deputies where they had to feed prisoners and issue parking tickets on Simple Life 2. Nicole and Paris take to the highways in a police car and begin harassing motorists, eating donuts, and righting tickets. Nicole screams at one guy, "Pull over mother fucker!" They make everyone get out of the car and perform for them in some way
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2006-Dec-6 - Teri Hatcher nude

Teri Hatcher nude vidcaps from Heaven's Prisoners
Teri Hatcher nude
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2006-Dec-6 - Denise Richards lashes out at paparazzi

Denise Richards threw a photographer's laptop over a hotel balcony in a fit of rage hitting two elderly women in the head while filming 'Blonde and Blonder' with Pamela Anderson .... OOPS! To bad Charlie Sheen wasnt the one that got hit cause that woulda ben hilarious
Denise Richards nude
Visit Denise Richards nude gallery - Denise Richards nude playboy pics - Denise Richards kissing Heather Locklear
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2006-Dec-6 - Pamela Anderson nude

We spotted Pamela Anderson stripping nude in store window to protest killing animals for fur.
Pamela Anderson nude
Pamela Anderson and Kid RockPamela Anderson is now available now that she broke up with Kid Rock after 4months of marriage. Lots of break ups and divorces lately like Jennifer and Vince and Britney and K-fed. Pamela Anderson is now filming 'Blonde and Blonder' to be released in 2007. Comic mayhem ensues when two lovely blondes, Dee and Dawn, are mistaken as international mob killers. Pam also miscarried while filming Blonde and Blonder with Denise Richards. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock may have split over animal rights because Kid loved to go hunting. Pamela Anderson nude pics and the Pam and Tommy sex tapes
Pamela Anderson and Brett Micheals sex tape

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2006-Nov-30 - Oops Britney Spears pussy slip

Posted in Britney Spears
Its been a long time since we seen a pussy slip. But Britney Spears must have learned it from her gal pals Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan! Later the next day Brtney Spears was spotted shopping for panties! It was every guys dream to look up Britney Spears dress but after Britney Spears had another baby her figure aint what it use ta be. Oops she did it agian! Bookmark for nude Britney Spears ass slip
Britney Spears drunk pussy slip nude crotch commando
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